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This Hackpad space is where we will be documenting activities of the MediaLab. The emphasis of this system is on helping ideas turn into projects, working with our various interns, volunteers, staff partners, and organizations. 

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What do you think of above?
  • I think the one-per-screen dynamic could be a challenge in the Met's crowded walkways. Physical models/maquettes have proven success in aiding with spatial awareness, but are not necessarily dynamic tools for education and branding purposes
  • It seems that these screens also create a new representational mode for Texas history- Windows for visitors to stand before and explore the terrain in front of them. The layered images, icons, invitations to share and interact are spread across a linear plane, meaning their kinetic senses of movement and exploration are enacted.
  • My conclusion is that visitor experience is so much a matter of physics- viewing angles, sizes of frames, pediments, cases and stantions, width of hallways, doorways, and bathroom stalls. This wall works as an outside feature- I can't see it in the met's upper floors, but perhaps in the Education center or outside? Curious for everyone else's thoughts.
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Halli G When I'm in a museum I never take off my UX hat. If experiences aren't considered then museums suffer.
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Hold "inititialization" for each join until it turns green
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Email: k.l.kirkland@gmail.com
Website: www.keithius.com
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Industrial Designer: Pratt Institute/ Pratt DAHRC Researcher/ MET Intern

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