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835 days ago
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(Photos by me, Josh Sanchez, and Thomas Ling)
1048 days ago
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1.) Early in the morning at least, the majority of museum-goers seemed to move about in pairs. Those who were standing side-by-side, I observed, seemed the most engaged, both with the art objects and with one another. In contrast, the people who stood across from one another seemed less engaged—less happy even. This might be because, by standing side by side, two people share a nearly identical perspective. They are observers, and the art is observed. "We are alike" is the implicit ground on which their interaction occurs. However, when standing opposite, particularly when mediated by the digital lens (i.e. taking photos), individuals enter into opposite perspectives. "I am not you" is then the implicit ground on which their experience takes place.  
1052 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joelle 1052 days ago
This was my first audio tour. Usually when I visit a museum, I am very determined to find a specific exhibition or gallery. I assumed that an audio tour played continuously and were long, meandering, and covered the entire museum. I was surprised to see that there are selection of curated tours. 

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