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810 days ago
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Embodying the Met's telepresence robot Beam on a trip to visit the Design Department...
898 days ago
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Emily Gossiaux and I took a walk around the 1st floor of the museum this morning. Emily is one of the Met's few educators who relies heavily on touch in her practice as a sculptor who is visually impaired. Her workshops in the museum involve a focus on movement in the drawing process. For the Met's Lunar New Year celebration this year, Emily was stationed at a Touch Station with marble sculptures and fragments.  
936 days ago
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Feeding the Machine
936 days ago
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Nerea garcia garmendia
978 days ago
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Education - collaborates with departments
research and evaluation
NOT Karen from market research - that Karen is coming next week. 
Background in demographic research
—How does education program's compare to other audiences? 
Focused now on visitor experience, testing out new initiatives
Agile research methodologies - testing and iterating all the time
982 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Marco Antonio Castro 982 days ago
Paco Link: GM of Creative Dev at Met

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