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Yuanjin Zhao

1168 days ago
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Michael A
  • whats the range? think you could bring them in?
Yuanjin Z
  • I'll bring them in on Wednesday!
1167 days ago
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paper being presented at visualizing cultural collections workshop at  searchisover.org, Sept. 11-15 London. more here:  http://searchisover.org/#presentations
Yuanjin Z
  • Hi Helen, found this website, maybe useful:
1169 days ago
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  • We've got a Google Glass, and I can show people how to start coding with it.
  • Masha has done lots of cool stuff with mobile and gaming and kids, including the "Murder at the Met" mobile game.
  • Don sent email to Anil 
1148 days ago
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1151 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Helen D. Wall 1151 days ago
 1.there are few flicker groups (one in 2009 didn't write down the name, sorry!)
Thinking about questions at yesterday's MVP and Don's asking what we learned in preparing the presentations, I thought this article on planning projects was useful:
"Going Responsive with Agile Planning" 
via @SaraDevine on Bloomberg Connects at Brooklyn Museum
1163 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Yuanjin Zhao , Don Undeen , Michael Anzuoni 1163 days ago
Don U Monday the 29th
  • Immersive Modern art and Excavating Mummies : Betty Quinn
Friday the 3rd
Generative Art + 3D Scanned Sculptures
project 1
Cross Searching Gallery
project 2
Yuanjin Z Saint light
Many Buddhist like to sit in front of a Budda sculpture pray and meditate. That makes them feel peace inside. For Buddhist, when they doing meditation, they are more close to the Budda and become a saint.
In many buddhist paintings and sculpture, you can always see the saint light glowing around the Budda and saint. That's like a sign for saint. So my idea is people will begin to glow when they doing meditation and become peaceful in their heart.
This project will use a brainwave device and will be placed in front of a Budda sculpture. The brainwave device could detect the level of the meditation. With the data, I could control the light.
  • Questions
  1. should I project the light to the user, or should I make a physical "saint light" piece with leds?
  • Preferred Day : Friday
Edible MET
Monday preferred.
Picturing MetMuseum

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