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Don Undeen

940 days ago
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Don U
  •  sorry, what's this image above?
Jenn K
  • Something I used in a presentation, but suppose it doesn't work out of context!
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Don U Projects
Don U
  •  can you turn these interests into links to "Ideas" pages, either existing pages, or new ones you create?
936 days ago
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Kevin is working in collaboration with the curator of Medieval Art, Objects Conservator Pete Dandridge,  and 3D Systems to recreate traditional designs of the Rosary Bead in sugar. Utilizing 3d printing technology, Kevin plans to bring a new outlook into how edible art will be in the future.
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Don U
  •  can your highlight image be a capture from the software?
936 days ago
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Here you can see what I'm doing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's MediaLab...
Blake M Title: Bodies in Space - Topological Experiences of the Met
914 days ago
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Don U Museum Themes and Challenges
we're frequently asked by various design groups (schools, hackathons, etc) for "museum design challenges." This page, and the relates "Museum Theme" pages, are to record and elaborate on those challenges.
As the ideas expand, each will get its own page
  •  getting people to associate themselves and their lives with our collection. 
  • collective storytelling and social creativity challenge, using the collection as triggers for shared experiences.
  • What cultural role and significance can art and physical artifacts play in communal connections in the digital age? 
  • In what ways do digital information and communication technologies enhance the mission and contemporary role of the museum?
  • Can a digitally-aware museum provide and promote a social dimension of creativity that not only connects visitors globally, but contributes to the preservation of cultural objects?
  • Museum objects are already somewhat ambiguous due to the fact they are in a museum, not in their original, intended context. How can collective storytelling create new perspectives on this art so that it is relevant to a great number of visitors?
  • One social activism project that I find fascinating is the Hollaback, a global project designed to end street harassment by allowing people to use digital tools to document, map, and share incidents of street harassment and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. Imagine if we used this same logic not to counter something negative, but to harness the public's interest in connection and empowerment through our amazing 5,000+ year-old art collection!
  • how to get our collection to be part of people’s daily lives outside of the museum itself; e.g., how can we make the images of works of art ubiquitous on a public and personal level so that when people do actually come into the museum they recognize things that they’ve been seeing, but then see them on a deeper level. The comparison would be listening to MP3s all the time and then attending a live performance.
  • Building an exhibition experience around a collection of digital media, such as "Body Language"

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