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Blake Miller

487 days ago
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What do you think of above?
  • I think the one-per-screen dynamic could be a challenge in the Met's crowded walkways. Physical models/maquettes have proven success in aiding with spatial awareness, but are not necessarily dynamic tools for education and branding purposes
  • It seems that these screens also create a new representational mode for Texas history- Windows for visitors to stand before and explore the terrain in front of them. The layered images, icons, invitations to share and interact are spread across a linear plane, meaning their kinetic senses of movement and exploration are enacted.
  • My conclusion is that visitor experience is so much a matter of physics- viewing angles, sizes of frames, pediments, cases and stantions, width of hallways, doorways, and bathroom stalls. This wall works as an outside feature- I can't see it in the met's upper floors, but perhaps in the Education center or outside? Curious for everyone else's thoughts.
835 days ago
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(Photos by me, Josh Sanchez, and Thomas Ling)
The below coverage of the Expo is being re-written to include a workflow and design process, which will be re-published on Met.org's Digital Underground blog September '15...
Blake M Here is a link to my other MediaLab posts: Blake Millers Posts
(My Expo talk went well thanks to the improv training we had from Jen Oleniczak, @ The Engaging Educator)
835 days ago
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  • Input from visitors about how a scale model project could be expanded...
840 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Blake Miller 840 days ago
  1. 3D file rendering (.svg > .stl > .obj)
  1. 3D printing and reprinting
869 days ago
990 days ago
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Don U This is a collection of notes and links on the topic of Wayfinding, particularly in museums. The most relevant stuff is at the top.
Blog Posts
Working Apps:
  • Note: We've identified all the galleries on the first floor, but not the second, and not the stairs yet.
  • Select your preferences for lighting, crowd, and noise levels
  • click several gallery numbers (the black ones overlaid on the ones n teh map image)
  • Or, search for an object in the search interface (note, objects in rooms we haven't identified yet won't get found)
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910 days ago
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"First-time visitors to the Met frequently become lost, and others often find themselves in galleries they claim to have never seen, even after many years of visiting. My 3D-printed scale models, floor plans and tactile graphic maps are minimum viable products that can assist volunteers, staff and visitors in new ways with meeting the challenges of wayfinding in the museum."

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