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Jenn Kim

449 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jenn Kim 449 days ago
1004 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jenn Kim , Don Undeen 1004 days ago
Don U
  • cd colorTheTemple/openFrameworks/apps/colorthetemple/WebInterfaces/colorthetemple/
  • Start web server (try `python -m SimpleHTTPServer` in a terminal)
  • cd ../admin
  • Start admin server (try `python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8001` in a terminal)
  • cd colorTheTempl/Spacebrew[something]
  • Using the spacebrew admin page, wire up the control app
Jenn K
  • **Start debug version of app if not yet compiled**
  • to use on a second display, make sure to set the output to fullscreen
-- Notes --
Current setup 3.18.15  [All under undeed]
cd colorTheTemple/
  • openFrameworks
Don U Make sure to build the DEBUG, not the RELEASE target
934 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Blake Miller , Keith Kirkland , Jenn Kim 934 days ago
Emily: Aaron Katz
Blake M Blake: Karen Finley, Elisabeth Foulkes
Keith K Keith: Keisha Bolden
Jenn K JK: Fernando Castro-Caratini, John Chae
933 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Grace Gou , Marco Antonio Castro , Jenn Kim 933 days ago
Isabel Paez 
John C John Choi
United States, 1981
Gabriel Gianordoli
Blake M Blake Miller
Brian H Brian Hughes
Kevin Y Kevin Yoo
Grace G Grace Tingshan Gou
China, 1990
The Great Wave Caprice, 2015
openFrameworks, Projector, Wood, Mirror, Tracing Paper, Metal Wire
Jenn K Jennifer Kim,
Marco C United States, 1988
Jenn K Diptych, 2015
HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Spacebrew, Electric Objects (screen, Raspberry Pi)
950 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Don Undeen , Jenn Kim , Regina Flores 950 days ago
Don U Fun In-Gallery Digital Music Making Ap
We received this request for ideas:
"  I’m looking into doing an ipad-based music-making workshop in the galleries for our June Sunday Studios (would be in modern and contemporary) and wondered if you might have ideas for how to do this.  Am thinking about setting up 10+ ipads on tables, with headphones, and having participants mix/make music inspired by the works of art in the galleries.  How might they share them after the fact?  Let me know if you have any leads for people who might be able to help guide this better. Also, do you have any hook-ups for headphones that are ideal for multi-participant use?"
IPad Apps:
  • Touchosc for multiple devices/participants??
967 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jenn Kim , Ellen Spindler 967 days ago
Ellen Spindler- The History of Cinnabar continued. Demonstration of ChronoZoom, a software from Microsoft Research that creates Big History timelines, and additional discussion and display of a Prezi showing the geographical history of Cinnabar since the Neolithic Period.
2:20 Jenn Kim The 'Diptych' prototype is a visual interface that explores dialogue between object pairings, considering
Jenn K the MMA’s digital collection contained within the white-cube of a browser. 
1013 days ago

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