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  •  can you turn these interests into links to "Ideas" pages, either existing pages, or new ones you create?
Regina F Met Departments I am Curious About
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Don U White (the LEFT extruder in CubePro)
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"Life Becomes Her" is a exploration, between the Media Lab and the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, of recreating a sense of life within the garments using 3D modeling tools, animation platforms, human motion capture data and 3D scanning. 
Marco C
  • would you want to rethink this sentence?  ... is an exploration of life within the garments using 3D modeling tools, animation platforms, human motion capture data and 3D scanning.  It was made inc ollaborations with the MediaLab and the Costume Institute at the Metr...."
 Digitizing patterns from Betty Kirke's definitive work on Madeline Vionnet (1876-1975), the goal is to give garments a deeper sense of physicality by reanimating them to give visitors a sense of their previous lives as clothing. 
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Marco C Collect me, Curate me, Study Me
“Collect Me, Curate Me, Study Me,” the fast-paced competitive matchmaking game for art objects! In this contest, you’re going to take the role one of four classic sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, scheduled for de-accessioning. Your job is to convince our art connoisseur that you are the best object in the collection, and worth taking home, either as an investment (collect me!), for your own exhibition (curate me), or as a focus of your scholarship (study me!). If you win, then you get to take a turn as the art connoisseur. If you don’t get picked, then it’s back into storage!
This game was specifically designed for Sound, Images and Data Conference (http://ocradst.org/sid2015/program/
It was inspired by the following projects:
Sculptural Juxtapositions
Left: Stephanie Burgess with her two projects. Right: The 3D Art Mash-ups of Sculptural Juxtapositions
In Sculptural Juxtapositions, Stephanie Burgess also presented two projects that examined the way fictional and nonfictional narratives of art objects can be combined to create a commentary on the true nature of art. The Miniature Hybrid Met displays remixes of 3D art models that are combined with new stories, delivered via a RFID-enabled audio-guide experience.
In Burgess's interactive 3D environment, Symbolic Manipulation, users can interact and express themselves using their hands in midair. In this way they are able to create their own art piece composed of a variety of corporate and religious symbols.
Metropolitan Triangle Garden
Left: Rui Hu debuts the latest iteration of the Metropolitan Triangle Garden. Right: Screenshot from Metropolitan Triangle Garden. Image courtesy of the author
In the spring semester of 2014, Media Lab Intern Rui Hu developed a 3D animation called Metropolitan Triangle Garden, which used physical-modeling software to create a fantastical reimagining of a Met gallery, populated with morphing and disintegrating sculptures. At this Expo, Hu returned to debut an updated version that has been accepted into multiple film festivals in the interim. Due to agreements with those festivals, we are unable to embed the piece here, but trust me when I say it was jaw-dropping.
Diving into Pollock and Paintings Uncovered
Betty Quinn with Diving into Pollock and Paintings Uncovered
Powerhouse developer Betty Quinn found time to deliver two projects to this semester's Expo. Diving into Pollock breaks with the tendency of virtual-reality experiences to recreate the real world, by putting the viewer in the middle of a Jackson Pollock painting, surrounded on all sides by faithfully rendered digital splatters.
Left: A visitor accesses Diving into Pollock via an Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset. Right: An infrared flashlight reveals hidden details in Paintings Uncovered
Paintings Uncovered provides the user with a "magic X-ray flashlight" which they could use to "look through" the classic Sargent painting Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau). Did you know that in an earlier version, Madame Pierre Gautreau's shoulder strap was shown slipping from her shoulder? A scandalized public compelled Sargent to revise it, but Quinn's flashlight reveals the hidden layers.
Interactive Bench
This is an interactive bench that uses music to enhance the atmosphere inside the galleries of the museum. The music is activated when people sit on the bench and when the music starts the visitors will be surrounded with sound that will help them connect to the works of art inside the galleries in a greater way.
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